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Coal Steel Silo for Sale | Coal Storage System

In the traditional coal terminal of loading and unloading process, because coal is in open-air stacking, so there is dust and the secondary dust pollution problems in the process of material piling and taking. Coal steel silo storage technology is a good way to solve this problem, at the same time also can reduce the cost of coal dust control.

The coal silo storage technology has been applied in some power plants and coal mining enterprises. Steel silos with small floor space, high strength, good appearance, short construction period, are very popular in coal processing and coal terminal. Had been widely use in coal processing, storage, transport. In recent years in the field of building materials, chemical industry, sewage treatment and other application, the steel silo has maintained a strong momentum of development.

Using steel silo for coal storage, with the advantages of simple operation, flexible scheduling system, and can construct group silos to adapt to the needs of different demand for coal storage, also has multiple functions such as storage, buffer and blending.
coal storage silo system

Coal Steel Silo Key Technical Analysis

Coal Clogged Up Problem

With the applications of large capacity coal storage silo, arch camber jams of coal happened frequently. The existing many coal bunker broken arch ways, commonly used: Artificial broken arch method, hydraulic broken arch method, wind broken arch method, vibrator broken arch method, Separation board, air guns and so on. Can according to the form of silo specific situation to choose 1 or more methods.

Coal Corrosion Problem of Steel Silo

Coal steel silo has strong corrosion resistance, can used anti-corrosion coatings for Silo wall anti-corrosive processing. Regular inspection coal silo and regular brush anti-corrosive coatings.

Coal Spontaneous Combustion Inside the Silo

Because of the coefficient of thermal conductivity of coal is smaller, heat spreading around slowly. Coal inside the silo storage for a long time, the temperature of coal will increased, easy to spontaneous. Therefore, measures must be taken to reduce the temperature in the silo. At present, to prevent the coal spontaneous combustion usually adopted the method as following:

  1. Build thermal insulation layer out of the silo: Insulating layer not only can prevent coal in silo freezing in winter, but also can prevent coal inside the silo heating up too fast to cause coal spontaneous combustion.
  2. Construction Ventilation system: Installed ventilators at the bottom of the steel silo, through the ventilation ducts, dry air or cool gas out of silo will be imported into the silo ventilation vents or ventilation tube. Using diffusion of gas between the coal and exchange hot air, with the top ventilation holes, discharged the hot air out of the silo to reduce the temperature.
  3. Install the temperature measuring cable into the silo: It can monitoring coal temperature in silos, when the temperature rises to the set value, it will send an alarm signal. The temperature measuring cable is wrapped with 3 wires and outside wrapped with nylon. This will prevent the coal damage the temperature measurement cable.
  4. Input the inert gas into coal silo to prevent spontaneous combustion of coal or dust explosion.

Dust Explosion Problem Inside the Silo

If coal store in silo for a long time, are prone to spontaneous combustion. In the process of spontaneous combustion, it not only released heat but also released the content of combustible gas, after the concentration of combustible gas and dust concentration reaches a certain value, silo may explosion easily. Explosion prevention measures are:

  • Take effective flame retardant measures. Such as ventilation with inert gas, reduce the mixture of coal dust and combustible gas, destruct coal dust and gas combustion conditions, avoid the happening of the explosion. Building ventilation system or take heat preservation measures also can effectively reduce the temperature of the coal in the silo, to prevent explosion of steel silo.
  • Optimize the design of the silo; try to shorten the turnover period of coal storage in silo, to reduce the coal storage residence time.
  • Establish coal steel silo automatic safety monitoring and control system, timely and accurate detection abnormal conditions. Can timely and accurately monitor the coal level, coal temperature, coal dust concentration, carbon monoxide concentration, gas concentration, humidity, methane, inert gas concentration
  • At present, environmental problem is international big project, Flyer steel silo has many benefit to environmental protection. It can improve the working efficiency of the coal, reduce the operation cost, improved space utilization, also can easily achieve blending operation, and is a kind of reasonable and efficient coal storage and transportation process.
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