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Eight Reasons To Build A Steel Lime Storage Silo

Lime is a kind of air-hardening cementitious material obtained by calcining carbonate rocks at high temperatures. It is mainly composed of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide and has strong alkalinity. According to its chemical composition, it can be divided into quick lime and hydrated lime. Quick lime is a kind of white or gray block. For the convenience of use, block quick lime is often processed into quick lime powder, hydrated lime powder, or lime paste. Hydrated lime is obtained by the hydration of massive quick lime with a proper amount of water. As we know, lime plays an important role in civil engineering, medicine field, food production, and agricultural production because of its wide distribution of raw materials, simple production process, and low cost. Many enterprises use a massive amount of lime in the production process. Therefore, how to store lime safely and properly has become a question that many people concerned about.

Points To Note When Storing Lime

Before storing lime, we should understand the unique properties of lime, and then create a safe storage environment. What lime fears most during storage is water, followed by CO2. Quick lime has a higher requirement for storage conditions, while moisture in the air coexists with CO2. If it is not stored properly, quick lime will first react with moisture in the air and form CaHO2 on the surface, meanwhile react with CO2 to form CaCO3 and create a hard skin. When artificial hydrating, water can not fully penetrate the lime block so that affecting the use. Besides, if the quick lime or hydrated lime is exposed to the atmosphere for a long time and constantly absorbs carbon dioxide, it will transfer into calcium carbonate powder which has no gelling ability. Therefore, in the storage process, we must pay attention to the following points:
  • Lime (including lime block and lime powder) has strong moisture absorption. It should be stored in a dry environment with good moisture-proof measures.
  • The storage period of lime should not exceed one month. If it needs to be stored for a long time, it is better to process the lime into lime slurry and store it in a closed container to prevent carbonization.
  • The storage and transportation of lime should pay attention to fire and explosion prevention because when lime meets water, it will release a lot of heat, resulting in volume expansion, which is easy to cause fire.

 Why Do We Need Steel Lime Storage Silo?

Steel silo is a kind of silo that is welded or riveted with steel plates. It is the main tool for storing materials, which can be used in various industries, such as the building material industry, grain industry, chemical industry, etc. Compared with other storage methods, why do we choose to build steel silos for lime storing? Here are some reasons!
Reason 1: large capacity
The capacity of a single steel lime storage silo is as high as 50 ~ 1200 tons, and the floor area is small, which can meet the storage needs of different industries.
Reason 2: convenient material handling
The material handling of steel lime storage silos is relatively intelligent. It adopts a PLC system to realize the automatic control of analog screen displays.
Reason 3: good storage effect
The steel lime storage silo has good sealing performance, leak-proof performance, moisture-proof performance, and complete supporting equipment, such as temperature measurement device, ventilation device, material level monitoring device, etc., to ensure the safe storage of lime.
Reason 4: environmentally friendly
The dust collector can be set on the top of the steel lime storage silo. One dust collector can reduce the dust concentration to less than 30mg / m3.
Reason 5: flexible layout
Steel lime silos can be arranged according to the specific situation of the site. They can be built in a single row or double row, which is very flexible.
Reason 6: various material form
Steel lime silos can store lime in multi forms, such as lime block, lime powder, and lime paste.
Reason 7: long service life
Steel lime silo has a long service life of up to 50 years. All of its parts are produced by the most advanced automatic steel plate rolling line. Besides, it adopts a detachable assembly structure so all of its parts can be replaced.
Reason 8: low investment
Compared with traditional lime storage silos, steel lime silos with the same capacity can save 30%-50% of the investment.
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Where To Buy High-quality Steel Lime Storage Silo?

Flyer is a large-scale steel silo manufacturer in China. Except for lime steel silos, we also offer cement steel silos, chemical steel silos, coal steel silos, grain steel silos, fly ash steel silos, etc. In addition to the manufacturing of steel silos and ancillary equipment, we also provide customers with turnkey steel silo projects and considerate after-sales service. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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