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How to Master Four In One Technology of Grain Storage in Steel Silo?

Since 1998, in order to meet the needs of storage mode of grain steel silo with large capacity, high grain heap, new integrated innovation of Four In One technology has been created. Its main content includes grain monitoring, mechanical ventilation, circulation fumigation and grain cooling. Now it is widely applied. Today, we talk about how to master the technology of grain storage in steel silo easily.

four in one technology application in grain storage silo

What are the advantages and disadvantages of grain storage in steel silo?

The steel silo has the advantages of light self-weight, low cost, short construction period, standardization, automation, high degree of mechanization and high storage efficiency. Using it, we can improve the working environment of loading and unloading of storage grain, reduce labor intensity and improve the working efficiency. Grain storage silo outstanding advantages make itself be welcomed by most enterprises.

But as we still know, the steel silo wall is thin, the grain layer is deep and it is easy to cause dew condensation and difficult to have a sampling inspection. These are the significant disadvantages. So according to general requirements of the steel silo, our operations shall be absolutely correct. The moisture content of grain must not exceed the national standard. If disobeying it, we can’t assure that the interior grain can be expelled to the surface. The moisture is difficult to escape from dead air and will gather in the grain. When its state reaches saturation point, it will begin to condense, resulting in mildew and phenomenon of partial temperature rise. This is a threat to safety of grain storage. So, we must have it good ventilation. Through ventilation, heat and moisture would be expelled. 

How to apply the Four In One technology?

Due to thinner wall and faster heat absorption and radiation of steel silo, if the silo is equipped with temperature detection device inside it, we can find in time and apply a proper treatment once the temperature changes. Using Four In One technology of grain storage, and further some of the original grain processing technology, such as cleaning, screening, grading, suction and expel of the dust, and the management of more mature and complete solution including automatic cooling system inside the silo, etc., we will be able to achieve safe storage. 

A. Grain monitoring and controlling system

Grain monitoring and controlling system is to use modern electronic technology to achieve real-time monitoring, analyzing, predicting and controlling of grain storage. The system depends on the control network formed by the main apparatus and the extension apparatus and the extension apparatus. The latter installed in the different parts of grain silo can get relevant grain data that will be all sent to control center in a wired or wireless way. Through the management, our managing men can grasp the security situation of the grain with relevant software by the automatic or manual control equipment’s turning on or off to achieve the purpose of dehumidification and lowering the temperature. The electronic sensor is installed in the silo, detecting the temperature and humidity. The convenient operation can help us control them inside the silo at any time and make the data saved and printed. 

B. Mechanical ventilation

The safe storage of wheat is mainly to prevent mildew, heating and pest. The key factor is the temperature and humidity of grain heap and storage environment. Adopting the intelligent mechanical ventilation, through special design for air pipes, we adjust ventilation time, the difference of temperature and humidity, air quantity and air exchange frequency, taking into account the design of ventilation network, fumigation and grain cooling technology. The control of silo environment temperature and humidity can aid to prevent grain damage.

C. Grain cooling

By cooling temperature, the grain is to be in the quasi low temperature state at below 15℃ or 20℃, which can greatly reduce the grain breathing to ensure a long-term storage and preservation and prevent pest breeding. For grain cooling machine, it can produce cooling air that is to be conveyed into the silo through the air supply system as the grain temperature exceeds the standard. Grain cooling technology can be used to maintain and properly adjust grain moisture at the same cooling time, keeping three kinds of functions of maintaining, lowering and adjusting to the cooling ventilation. This is an important technical measure to maintain and improve the quality of stored grain.

D. Fumigation

Fumigation is to adopt the phosphine gas uniformly distributed in the grain heap produced by deliquescence of aluminium phosphide to achieve insecticidal effective using fumigation circulation equipment under microcomputer control according to silo theory, aerodynamic circulation theory and chemical control theory. 

The circulation fumigation of the phosphine gas can be used to spray by the phosphine generator. After 9 hours, it will reach a uniform state with good control effect of fumigation. In addition, we can use the feature of the higher sealing of steel silo to can make it filled with nitrogen gas that can flow in main air pipes into the grain heap and play the insecticidal effect to get better control of pests.


In practice, because grain heap is higher and ventilation resistance is greater, the grain steel silo must ensure that the moisture content of steel silo is kept in the safety level(12%~14%). If the initial cleaning for removing impurities, grain moisture is still very high, such as more than 14%, it must be performed the drying process before loading the storage silo. During the storage period, the managing men shall make full use of temperature and humidity monitoring, ventilation and cooling, fumigation to realize the long-term safety storage of grain.

Four In One technology of grain storage can adapt the scaling construction and intensive development of grain steel silo in China. Its application is wide and popular. This helps us improve the technological level of China's grain storage to a new high leading point. So in the process of the application of grain steel silo, we must understand the structural characteristics of the steel silo, seize the key points of grain storage technology, ensuring grain security.

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