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Silos are cylindrical storage buildings. Silos are usually made of steel or concrete, which can store grain, liquid or other bulk materials. Compared with concrete silos, steel silos have higher cost performance, so they are the most popular silos in the world today. As a large developing country, India attaches great importance to the development of steel silo technology and promotes the construction of new silos and the upgrading of existing silos.

silo manufacturers in India

Large Gap of Grain Silos in India

In 2015, India produced about 250 million tons of grain. With strong government support, wheat production has soared to 95 million tons and maize production to 21 million tons. Especially in the northern fertile areas of India, agricultural development has been very successful, resulting in a bumper harvest of grain.

However, India’s storage capacity is backward compared to its grain productivity. Today, India has neither the capacity nor the facilities to store food safely, leading to excessive losses due to exposure, deterioration and insect pests. India's warehousing capacity has not kept pace with the growth of production. India loses about 10% of its grain and oilseeds annually. The water storage gap in India during the twelfth planning period is estimated at 35 million tons. To solve these problems, the Indian government has been vigorously promoting the construction of storage capacity, especially modern steel silo equipment.

Grain Silos Manufacturers in India

Currently India's strong producers of grain silos include: Rostfrei steels Private Limited, PNEUCON Process Technologies Company, Krishna Grain Systems Private Limited, Osaw Agro Industries Private Limited, PW Silo System India Private Limited, P Square Technologies Company, just a name to list.

Rostfrei Steels is India's largest warehousing and material handling equipment manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience and an acre of production facilities. With its advantageous Zincalume technology, can provide engineering support for the design and manufacture of various grain silos, and on time delivery.

Osaw Agro Industries Private Limited, founded in 1984, is one of India’s foremost manufacturers of grain silos including three types of hopper bottom silo, flat bottom silo and round bin silo.  

PNEUCON Process Technologies Company can manufacture a wide range of heavy duty storage equipment. The capacity of a galvanize silo featuring a flat bottom ranges between 102m³ to 20923m³. Part equipments like Pneumatic Feeding system is perfect, which is to feed the silo with Deggaing system or Unloading Bulker, Screw Conveyor, Dust Collector, Pressure safety relief valve, Vibrating Bin Areator, etc. are also supplied and fitted to the Silos.

In India, most grain silos manufacturers use the technology of assembling steel silos. And grain silos manufacturers from China use spiral steel silos manufacturing technology, which is a more advanced silo manufacturing technology.

The features of spiral steel silo:
  • Low cost: corrugated plate used by assembly steel silo is convenient for industrialized mass production, the cost of raw materials and processing is respectively low.
  • Easy to transport:  silo boards and columns to be assembled have been processed into uniform galvanized steel plates and components with the same bending degree and width in advance, which facilitates vehicle transportation easily. 
  • Good Overall Performance, Long Working Life: Flyer uses professional equipments to manufacture corn grain silos. During the rolling process, the silo wall undercut a 30mm-40mm spiral convex strip, which is 5 times thicker of the material. It helps improve the silo’s loading capacity and make the steel silo better than others in overall strength, stability and earthquake resistance. Besides, Flyer uses high anticorrosive material which makes the silo’s working life much longer than others.
  • Good Sealing Performance: With special equipments for bending and seaming, the quality of all parts of the silo body is guaranteed and the seal of the silo is particularly good. For corn grain silos, the process requirement of disinfection and fumigation can be well met. 
  • Short Construction Period, Low Cost: Corn grain silos can be constructed on site and the roof can be installed on the ground. Short duration can be guaranteed for on-site construction during the whole procedure. Our professional equipments can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so a cement silo with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days. Cost-effectiveness can be achieved for light sheets are used for the whole silo which is as heavy as the rebar of concrete silo. Bilayer bending method is used to bend and shape two different sheet materials at one time, so that the cost for storing strong corrosive materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.
  • Less Area Occupation, Easy Management:Compared with similar corn grain silos manufacturers in India, Flyer provides steel silos with free choices of the height and diameter within a wider range. To save space, the distance between two silos can be narrowed to 500mm. With high automatic production, temperature measurement and material level equipments, spiral silo can be operated conveniently.

Cement Storage Silos in India

Cement industry is one of the important industries in the Indian economy system, ranking top 2 in the world. From 2014 to 2019, it is estimated that cement industry in India average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) will reach 8.96%. At present, India owns 188 large cement enterprises which account for about 97% of the total production capacity, while the other 365 cement enterprises are rather small. Therefore, in India market the needs for cement storage silos are vast potential. 

There are many cement silo manufacturers in India. Most of them are famous for welded steel silo. For example, Rostfrei Steels, Hindustan Enterprises, etc. 

Cement Silo Manufacturers in India 

Now existing welded steel silos in India is respectively small, which is not suitable for mass cement production of large enterprise.  

Hindustan Enterprises is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cement Storage Silos in India used for industrial and construction areas. The capacity of these Silos varies from 30MT to 500MT. Silos can be welded type or bolted type depending upon the capacity and suitable for transportation. It has become main silo supplier for many companies all over India. 

Compared with China, China cement enterprises are prone to choose spiral steel silos. The following is the comparison between spiral and welded steel silo:
  • Construction Process: Spiral steel silo is made by specialized construction equipment, so its quality is highly guaranteed; welded steel silo is made by manual welding, so quality is not completely guaranteed. 
  • Material for Same Silo: Material of spiral steel silo is thin; but welded steel silo thick.
  • Connection Mode: Spiral steel silo adopts spiral undercutting to make it fastened together; but welded steel silo adopts welding method and easily split.
  • Weight of the Same Silo: Spiral steel silo is light; but welded steel silo is heavy.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of spiral steel silo is simple; but welded steel silo needs regular corrosion prevention annually, load of work is heavy. 
  • Working Life: Spiral steel silo is more than 20 years conservatively; but welded steel silo is less than 20 years.
  • Construction Cycle: Spiral steel silo is short; but welded steel silo is long.
  • Construction Cost: Spiral steel silo is comparably cheaper; but welded steel silo is comparably expensive.

According to market analysis above, we here predict that spiral steel silo owns huge developing market potential in India.

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