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The Roof and Foundation Are Key to Spiral Steel Silo

The spiral steel silo is a mature and blooming technology product for storing grain, cement, clinker, slag, and other items. After dozens of years of development and exploration of product and its performance, now the steel silo has also been storing items such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid corrosion heavier.

The spiral steel silo is a good ideal product for the storage of items that are not temporarily in the circulation. With the integration of technology and exploration of new features, it has improved the production techniques with a strong storage capacity. Good sealing can ensure the unchanged quality of the items that may be caused by the damage from a variety of factors from natural factors and human factors within or beyond the storage period. Good corrosion resistance can ensure the steel silo is durable, which can withstand the span of life, because in the long time use process it will exposure itself in the wind and rain. This can guarantee the safety in corrosion for highly corrosive chemicals storage. At last, Strength also refers to good quality that can ensure its durability.

The spiral steel silo is more convenient than the other steel bins and easier for management. The cheap steel silo with high quality for storage can not only achieve the aim of low cost and but also can solve the problem of storing large quantities of items. Meanwhile, it can ensure that the quality of the item is not damaged. This will reduce the storage cost for the enterprise.

What is The Roof of Steel Silo?

the roof of steel silo

The top of spiral steel silo is a hemisphere shape, whose lower part of the steel plate is welded with the steel base. Each hemisphere from 1 ton-3 million tons is consisted of by 36 main girders and 36 side girders. Each hemisphere from 5 tons to 20 million tons is consisted of 54 main girders and 54 side girders. Two secondary girders adopt the flat plate welding. For the roof and ring girder of 1 ton to 20 million tons of steel silo, the ball girders appear the concentric distribution outwards from roof center point. The distribution distance of the ball and girder is 1 meters apart. The ball and girder adopts welding method. The steel plate of hemisphere is 4 mm in thickness for 1 ton-3 million tons of the steel silos and 6 mm in thickness for 5 ton-20 million tons of the steel silos.

There is a steel channel at the center platform of the hemispherical body. The 16--3 million tons of the models of steel channel are 16-1; the 5-20 million tons of the models of steel channel are 18-22. The average thickness of platform plate is 12mm 1-3 tons of steel plate and 16-18mm 5-10 tons of the steel plate. At the center of the platform, there is no loading inlet and air outlet.

The roof construction of spiral steel silo is completed on the ground. In the crane use it saves time. This can make the crane more to support the other on-site works and improve the overall production efficiency.

The steel silo is relatively high, and many roof structures are open, so some of the roof mechanical equipments is installed in the open air. Thus, due to the height their operations on mechanical equipments are under the best control room in the ground. The control room is equipped with silo control system, which will make control equipments and various control signals concentrated in the control table, cabinet and process simulation screen. This can display the operating conditions of equipments. The relevant operations are simple and convenient. The operator only needs to control in the control room and manage the entire steel silo, which can greatly improve efficiency.

What is the Foundation of Steel Silo?

the foundation of steel silo

At present, the foundation of the large steel silo consists of concrete structure and steel support structure. The steel support structure has the advantages of simple manufacture, convenient construction, resources saving and low consumption, so it is better than concrete structure. But it is susceptible to the corrosion from wind, rain and other natural factors. The influence will shorten its service life and increase the cost. So the low space of the steel support structure is the unreasonable effective use.

Generally the steel support structure is consisted of a plurality of support steel columns and support beams, steel column support along the axial direction of the steel column support. The support steel columns are fixed between them.

The outer surface of the steel support structure is coated with a protective layer. The protective layers are done in connection with the fixing holes set in the channel and lateral support. The middle layer is filled with insulation material. The advantages of large steel silo is that on the basis of the steel support structure the fixed protective layers will not contact with air directly, thereby reducing the corrosion of steel support. This will increase the space utilization, reduce material investment and create greater efficiency and less investment of resources.

Construction of reinforced concrete structure of foundation generally adopts C30 reinforced concrete and steel plate, the bottom plate and the wall is perpendicular to the ground. The ratio of underground part and the ground part and ordinary steel is 2:3. The concrete structure of foundation can effectively play functions against any corrosion from any natural factors. But its construction cost is relatively higher than the steel structure.

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo Co., Ltd. can accomplish complete projects of spiral steel silos with the advanced technologies of roof and foundation construction and help our client to provide excellent service. If the client wants to understand or acquire relevant information and documents on roof and foundation construction of spiral steel silo, please feel free to contact with us. We here hope to receive your message because we know good communication with you is must-be way to start opening the door of success and cooperation.

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