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Things You Should Know About Coal Steel Silo Storage

Coal was praised as the black gold and the food of industry. In the eighteenth century, it was one of the most important human using energy in the word. It’s obvious that coal enterprises affected by seasonal factors, the peak of coal using is usually in the fourth quarter. Then how to store the coal in off-season comes to be the prime problem for the coal enterprise to solve.

In general, there are three kinds of coal storage solutions: open-air stacking, warehouse coal storage and steel silo for coal storage.

Open-air Stacking

Open-air stacking is characterized by large storage capacity, low construction investment and easy to extend. Feeding and discharging equipment is performed by unloading truck and transport equipment. The downside is the pulverized coal is easy to float in the sky, pollute the air and the environment. In rainy day and snowy day, coal which storage in open-air stacking will contaminate the ground. And the coal directly exposed to the air will be oxidized.

Warehouse Coal Storage

Warehouse storage is characterized by low storage capacity, high construction cost. Usually used with the open-air stacking. Fewer coal dust in processing, benefit for environment protection

Steel Silo for Coal Storage

Steel silo needs smaller area occupation, and it makes the space utilization more effectively. Totally-enclosed storage condition, even under rainstorm and other extreme weather, will not cause the loss of coal.
structure of coal storage steel silo

Using steel silo for coal storage in many countries is a mature technology. This process can produce the following economic benefits and social benefits.

  • Land conservation: The cost of land use is higher and higher now. In the port storage yard, it can stack 3-6 tons of coal per square meter, which makes low yields for port storage yard. If adopt coal steel silo, the storage for coal can be achieved more than 20 tons per square meter. The same storage capacity, smaller area needed, can save more land for related production and business operation.
  • Reduce environment pollution:Using steel silo storage coal, totally-enclosed coal storage, which realized a new storage for coal economically. There will be no pulverized coal dust raise problem, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
  • Save energy consumption:Current coal storage yard operation, usually use large bucket elevator for discharging, high cost and large energy consumption. However, when taking the coal steel silo system, by using the theory of gravity, coal in silo can fall on the belt by itself. Save a large extent reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

Advantages of Coal Steel Silo

  • Excellent quality galvanized steel plate, strict quality inspection, reliably sealing, rain-proof and moisture-proof design, virtually no maintenance.
  • High automation level, unattended is realized. Discharging and transporting for coal can be achieved by integrating control.
  • Coal operation always above the ground, product contamination won’t happen. The production process release less coal dust. Because of the hermetic environment, the coal dust wouldn’t come out of the silo, which reduces the air pollution.
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