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Five Reasons To Choose The Metal Grain Silo

As the basic need for human survival, food storage means to play an important role in the security of the food supply. In human history, the storage of grain has gone through a very long process. As early as the Neolithic period, people at that time began to build rudimentary grain storage silos to achieve the purpose of storing grain. People put grain in potholes and sealed it with dirt or stones. Although this storage method is simple and easy, it also brings many disadvantages, such as susceptibility to moisture, susceptibility to pests, and so on.
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The Prototype Of The Modern Grain Silo

With the development of human society, the storage technology of food has also been continuously updated and iterated. The storage methods in different regions also show different characteristics. In medieval Europe, grain silos were usually built of wood, so they had better moisture, insect, fire, and other properties. They also invented foods such as “cottage cheese”, which can be stored for a long time. Meanwhile, in ancient China, people often used bricks and stones to build grain silos, which also had the same properties.
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The Birth Of Two Modern Grain Silos

Let’s turn our attention to modern times, with the deepening of the industrial revolution, wooden or stone granaries can not meet the storage needs of large production plants, such as when storing flour, wooden granaries are very prone to explosion. Therefore, the world’s first concrete granary was born in Minneapolis, the world-famous “flour capital” in 80s of the 19th century. More than 80 years later, the German Lips invented the spiral double-layer crimped steel silo, and the first steel silo was built in the following year. Once invented, the metal silo became famous for its convenience, economy, and durability. It can store cement, coal ash, clinker, slag, and grain. When steel silos are used to store grain, it has advantages that traditional grain silos do not have, which is why many excellent farmers choose it.
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Advantages Of Metal Grain Silos

So, what are the advantages of metal grain silos? After analyzing the construction cases over this years, AGICO believes that the following five points are the unique benefits that metal grain bins can provide for your farm.

1. Easy installation and flexible layout.

Compared with granaries with traditional concrete structures, the biggest advantage of metal grain silos is that they are easy to install and flexible in layout. As a steel silo manufacturer, AGICO uses the advanced German Lipp double-seam technology, all components can be prefabricated in the factory and then installed on site. The metal silo we built has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, small space occupation, and short construction period. It can not only reduce your initial cost, but also serve the overall layout of the factory. You can compare your actual needs and get a better understanding of our company by clicking—“7000 Tons Wheat Silo Project In Hebei, China”.

2. Stronger anti-leakage, moisture-proof, and anti-rot characteristics.

For many farm owners, grain storage is not a difficult task, the most important of which is to solve the three problems of leak-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion. The high-quality spiral galvanized steel silos provided by AGICO can perfectly solve these problems. It adopts double-layer spiral crimping and inserts a sealing strip in the middle to make it bite tightly. It not only ensures the airtightness of the silo, but also effectively prevents grain leakage, moisture, and rot. It can ensure that the grain is stored in a dry state for 5-8 years.

3. More robust and long-lasting.

Just like every old farmer is worried, if you have not used the Lipp grain bin, you must also worry about the sturdiness of the metal grain silo, because the granary needs to withstand considerable pressure from the grain. AGICO uses Z-600 galvanized steel, which not only ensures excellent sturdiness, but also ensures the corrosion resistance of the steel. This material also greatly extends the service life of steel grain silos.

4. Solves the headache problem of anti-rat.

I believe that the animal that every farmer hates the most is the mouse. While Jerry is bright and likable in the cartoon—“Tom and Jerry”, he is nuisance when it comes to grain storage. The walls of traditional concrete granaries are easily breached by rats, who use the tunnels to transport human grain. In addition, the germs they carry tend to spoil the grain. All of the above problems can be solved by choosing a more advanced and solid metal grain silo. Rats can no longer easily enter the granary. If your company needs a grain silo that provides hygienic and safe food, AGICO’s products are your right choice.

5. Match more automated and mechanized equipment.

The metal grain silo also has the unique advantage that it can be modified by cutting and welding to match more automated and mechanized equipment. For example, it can be matched to AGICO’s material conveyor to achieve automatic homogenization of feeding, which reduces the loss of silos to a certain extent. Not only that, such as the fumigation program required for grain storage, metal grain silos can also be completed by adding accessories.
The above five points are the reasons why many farmers choose steel plate granaries, want to have a Lipp grain silo with the same high performance and high durability? Please click on “GRAIN SILO FOR SALE” page for consultation!

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