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Sewage Tank Plays A Key Role In Sewage Treatment

Sewage tank can be used for storage of sewage and industrial wastewater as well as biogas. It’s also widely applied to storage other industries, such as light industry, waste water treatment and environmental protection. Facing the gradually serious water environment pollution which resulting all sorts of social contradictions, the situation does not permit of any delay.

Status of American Sewage Treatment

The federal government organizes the relevant departments of professionals to study and formulate the strategic planning of the urban sewage treatment facilities construction, and establish the promotion objectives, requirements for the construction of sewage treatment facilities, the investment plans and incentives, and launched a national urban sewage treatment popularization movement.
sewage treatment plant
Every day, wastewater and sewage from family, schools, enterprises and factories will be flushing, and then flows into New York City's sewer system. The rain and melting snow water runoff into the sump tank on the street, and from there flow into the sewer.
Although a series of sound policy had been carried out, there are still various problems. It was reported that the city Holly Oak which located in southwestern of Massachusetts, America, had been fined $40000 for violating Sewage disposal regulations. Holly Oak, a manufacturing center city, is famous for paper production.

Wastewater Storage Tank

A lot of sewage is produced every day, if we can’t deal with it in time, which may cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to use the sewage tank to store the wastewater. What’s more, wastewater and sewage from family, enterprises or factories suit for different sewage tanks.

Advantages of Flyer Sewage Tank

1. Superior Special Material

Flyer insists on producing galvanized steel water tanks. We use high quality galvanized sheet which is supplied by Handan Iron and Steel Company. The sheet we used is in uniform thickness and galvanized with 275g/㎡of zinc with high corrosion resistance. The materials we used are purchased directly from the manufacturer and they are all well-known brands.

2. Advanced Technology and Equipment

Flyer uses professional equipment to manufacture the sewage tank. With special equipment for bending and seaming, the quality of sewage tank is guaranteed.

3. Professional Free Design

According to the owner’s requirements, we can provide the free design and submit a detailed construction schedule so as to ensure to complete construction in time.

4. Experienced Team Players

We have professional team players. The workers of our company all have rich experience and expertly skill. We also provide training regularly for workers.

5. Lower Water Storage Tanks Prices

Using the advanced technology and equipment, we can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute. We use bilayer bending method to bend and shape two different sheet materials at one time, so the cost for storing strong corrosive materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.

6. Free Detailed After-sales Service

We provide regular service after the project is finished and remind our customers of possible problems in the course of using every three months. We provide a 1-year free maintenance after the project is delivered. We also collect advices or suggestions in product quality and the related services and guarantee a timely reaction for arriving at the scene in 36 hours after receiving feedback.
waste-water treatment storage tank
As the pioneer of environmental protection industry, America had achieved great improvement in wastewater treatment. Some of their policies and measures are worth our imitating, such as the new sewage treatment plant, sound water operation system, the government leading and enterprise complement, wastewater recycling and so on.
Throughout the sewage treatment in the United States, are experiencing the environmental and economic struggles in the tug-of-war. Fryer, however, as a part of environmental protecting action, the sewage tank we produced truly realize the combination of environmental protection and economy
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