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Steel Silos Bring Great Convenience to America

Current Economic Situation of America 

Since 2012, economy of the United States has maintained moderate growth continually. At the same time, industrial production and retail, household income, real estate prices are recovered, but the overall economic growth is lower than market expectation. GDP growth rate of the first, second and third quarter of 2012 is respectively 2.0%, 1.3% and 3.1%, while the unemployment rate is 7.8% in December, lower than 8% for four years. In addition, the economy of America is still facing many internal and external problems such as the uncompleted leveraging situation, insufficient investment and low consumer confidence, peaking debt, repeated attacks of European debt crisis and the slowed emerging economies.
The current overall economic has shown stabilization and recovery, but the recovery process is still twists and turns. In the third quarter of 2013, American GDP grew at the annual rate of 2.8%, which is slightly higher than the average growth rate since 2009.  Real GDP for the whole year is expected to reach $16.9 trillion. From January to September in 2013, the national price levels keep basically stable, the job market continues to improve, the unemployment rate dropped from 7.9% in January to 7.3% in October, and the estate market continues to rebound.
The U.S. department of labor predicts that from 2010 to 2020, GDP is expected to reach the annual growth of 3.0% averagely, which would be higher than the average annual GDP growth of 1.6% from 2000 to 2010.

Steel Silos Are Widely Used in America 

galvanized steel silo
Americans mostly use galvanized corrugated sheet fabricated steel silos. From the early stage of the construction to the later maintenance, steel silo construction process has excellent technical support. Many Americans believe that prefabricated steel silo can be demolished, maintained conveniently and conducive to resource recycling.
The US molding technology of fabricated steel silo has a full set of technology, special equipment production line, and the strength, performance, safety of the steel silo are all reliable. Construction of the corrugated sheet fabricated steel silo were fabricated parts with convenient door, straight ladder, test tank and big fan, etc.
The use of spiral occlusal type is less than the usage of corrugated steel silo. Emerging glass melting steel (toughened glass) and epoxy coating technology make warehouse physical fit most of the special environments.
Silo storage is very popular in the United States. Silos are variable in size, small silos can be storage tanks, while large bins are likely to store thousands of tons of cargo. With mature technology, silos are widely used in the United States, not only used for storage, but also used for the processing and handling of freights stored in the bins, or used as a work of art viewing.  At the same time, maintenance of silos is also quite appropriate. There are special companies to maintain and repair storage silos, which brings much convenience to the repairment of silos.

Application of Steel Silos in the United States

grain silo


The grain steel silo are mainly applied to store grains like barley, corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, rice, sunflower seeds, palm kernel and other bulk granular crops. At present, 95% of America's silos are steel silos, and the technology of fabricated grain steel silo is quite mature. Problems such as the humidity, temperature control, the machinery weight weighted have been solved. There are also silage silos, the slurry storage bins and nutrient storage bins, etc.
steel silo

Biomass Aspects

Steel silos are also used for cooking biomass and storage of fuel and biomass.


The steel silos are used to store liquid, liquid chemicals, minerals, fluid processing, jewelry processing, etc.

Petroleum Chemical Industry 

Silos can be used in oil processing, the storage of crude oil and refined oil, etc.

Wastewater aspects

Wastewater steel silos are for the storage and circulation of industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater and the leach liquor.

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