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The Commissioning and Maintenance of Bag Pulse Dust Collector Used on Steel Silo

From the use of the bag pulse dust collector in steel silo, we can find some design problems, for example, belittle ventilation net, ignore the commissioning and maintenance, etc. Especially for processing storage material with high concentration of dust gas, a large number of dust collectors are used as the middle grade processing equipment. Therefore, to choose a better dust collector is a key step to achieve the requirements of steel silo. But we should not ignore the design of ventilation net that is directly related to energy consumption, work ability and the dust removal efficiency of dust collecting system. To achieve the design requirements also depends on the commissioning and maintenance of the system. These will affect the safety of steel silo and the quality and storage material.

Commissioning of Bag Pulse Dust Collector of Steel Silo

For commissioning, professional manufacturers always provide us with the instructions in detail. The commissioning can be divided into no-load commissioning and load commissioning. The former is mainly to confirm the effectiveness of mechanical operation and ventilation net, reliability of electrical linkage and rationality of program control. The latter is mainly to confirm the performance of ventilation net of single machine to achieve the design requirements.

A. No-load Commissioning Procedures:

  • Check whether the transmission part (i.e. ash expelling structure) has foreign body or not; turn the power switch of rotary feeder, and then check its operation direction; check whether the ash expelling structure of screw conveyor functions smoothly with no sound or not, and its working time should be no less than 0.5 hour. 
  • Check whether the blower has foreign body or not. Turn off the control valve, turn power switch of the blower to check the operation direction of the blower. 
  • Check the connection of the support of process piping is stable or not. Open the checking door of dust collector, check the installation of its filtering bag is good or not. Open the blower and make operation test of the pipeline. The pipeline operation should be with no sound and good sealing.
  • Check the power supply and air supply and then make correct connection, open pulse control instrument and check connection sequence of control line and the electromagnetic valve according to the screen order to confirm the electromagnetic valve can carry out action orders as the sequence with no errors. According to the instructions of the pulse controller, we can set the control loop. The number of solenoid valve shall be matched with the output circuit of control instrument. Pulse width (i.e. injection time of solenoid valve) and pulse interval (i.e. injection interval time of adjacent electromagnetic valves) shall be adjusted. The adjustment range of pulse width: 0.03-0.3 second; the adjustment range of pulse interval time: 3-60 seconds. The pulse control instrument shall have accurate output of pulse signals, the digital program should be displayed in order.
  • Observe whether the action of the solenoid valve is sensitive and reliable or not, and whether the switch sound of the armature is clear or not, and whether the injection time and the opening degree of each valve are identical or not. 
  • After the commissioning, please shut off power supply and gas supply, close the valves, do safety protection of on-site equipments better. 

B. Load Commissioning Procedures

  • Load commissioning must be carried out after the no-load commissioning, which obeys to the commissioning program of whole process according to the sequence of operation of the dust collector. 
  • Before the use of dust collector, as the compressed air is supplied in centralized way, open the valve first and check the pressure value; as air compressor is used to supply gas, we should start the air compressor first (usually 15 minutes earlier) and then until the pressure increases to a certain value and shut off rotary feeder, pulse control system. And then 5 minutes later, close the valve, restart the blower. When the blower operates normally, we can slowly open the wind door. 
  • As the dust collector is in the working state, observe the pulse control instrument, solenoid valve and confirm whether they are normal or not. After a short time, turn off the blower and pulse control instrument and open the door to check the surface of the filtering bag, and then adjust the pulse width and pulse interval according to the dust concentration. 
  • At the beginning period under the normal operation of dust collector, we should observe its working state and measure it in order to properly adjust pulse width and the interval and prevent excessive or insufficient cleaning either of which will affect working condition and performance.
  • Adjust the suction valve to make the air suction to meet the requirements, so that the whole ventilation net is in a reasonable condition.
  • If the equipment of dust collector has no defects, but the entire ventilation net system cannot work properly, please check whether it is unimpeded or not, inspect working parameters of the blower. We will determine the selection of the blower and dust collector and design problem of ventilation net.

Bag pulse dust collector of steel silo


Maintenance and repair should be cut off power and the air source. Air bag should be under common atmospheric pressure. The maintenance should clean the inside dust repeatedly to ensure no dust. The installation of lighting system is prohibited to use fire and equipped with the extinguisher to prevent the accident of dust explosion.
  • Establish regular maintenance system in order to find out the problems in time and prevent the occurrence of major accidents
  • Around dust collector the flammable and explosive items are prohibited and good ventilation is needed.
  • Regularly check the sealing of dust collector and the running state of ventilation net (including blower).
  • Regularly check the filtering bag and replace the damaged one in time. The filtering bag should also pay attention to keep it dry.
  • Regularly clean up the impurities and water in the gas processor.
  • Regularly refill oil for driving device. Dustproof work must be paid more attentions.
  • Keep pulse control and solenoid valve clean with no dust pollution. Periodically check the control coil of the solenoid valve.
  • The surface dust of all the equipments should immediately be cleaned.
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