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Cement Spiral Steel Silo Advantages

Cement spiral steel silo is suitable for storage of cement in bulk, which is far better than storage bags in effect. Although the plastic film inner storage bag can insulate air deliquescence and prevent the decrease of storage quality, the cement can be kept well just for 3 months in the preservation period. The steel silo has good homogenization effect with large storage section. With the increase of storage time, cement storage density will also rise up, which means cement will be closely basically a vacuum sealed in the air tight storage. This sealing effect is far better than the other storage, for example, storage bag, etc.

cemnet spiral steel silo

Cement Storage Silo Quality

Using pneumatic conveying pipe, the mode of input cement is characteristics of low bulk density and good mobility. Feeding slope is basically in even-distributed superposition state. In the early days, steel silo can be input 400t each day, measured angle of repose is 13°. Cement is flat-spread and overlaying along continuous inclined planes inside the silo, so that different input times of cement can layer uniform. Before output of cement, through the annular gasification pipe at the silo bottom, in the sequences of alternating inflation, high density deposition of cement accomplishes gas mixture in the gas permeability. After reaching fluidized state, cement is into the packaging silo or bulk vehicle by conveying pipe through the inlet of output.

The basic principle and function is alike to the loading & unloading process of bulk vehicle. Output cement is checked through contrast of physical testing and the average value of the input cement sampling from six positions 1.2m away from silo wall, before and after storage. The physical properties of checked cement are basically the same. The initial setting time of cement slightly increases, the flexural strength decreased slightly, 28d compressive strength increased by 0.17MPa. These indicate ideal storage effect of cement spiral steel silo. There is a lot of storage space around outlet and surrounding place from overlaying layers inside the silo to input conveying pipe. In order to make full use of it, a material-flattening gasification pipe is set in the middle layer, which can force fully fluidizing cement flow to the lower space under the electromagnetic valve control through a gas duct which inflates to gasification pipe and make pressurized air infiltrate superimposed layers of cement. With cement continuously flows down, the top space will be filled to the most. This not only makes full use of the available storage space, but also reaches homogenizing effect. If input and out capacity is balanced, input cement will get to pre-homogenizing storage effect.

Advantages of Cement Spiral Steel Silo

Cement spiral steel silo has many advantages as below:

  • Different sizes of the enterprises can choose to use different silos in different sizes and quantities to ensure continuous production of the equipments. Making use of cheap storage methods to adapt to the season sales requirements is to maximize the efficiency of the enterprise. 
  • Silo can be constructed at low investment and completed in short period, which help solve the problem storage in low season in a relatively short period of time.
  • Storage is very low at cost, it does not need more additional cost for any protection, and save the cost for packaging and storage.
  • Silo has a long life for using. The silos we built have been used for 15 years without rust treatment, which there is no obvious corrosion phenomenon. If silo can be done the anti-rusty maintenance per 10 years, silo will be normally used for 50 years.
  • Silo covers a large enough area, so it will be not inclined to sink.
  • Silo is applicable to a variety of geological conditions.
  • High efficient packing machine can be used to pack cement and load vehicles directly. The cement quality is stable. As long as the qualified rate of storage stability is 70% or even more, that can ensure the qualified rate of 100%. 
  • Computer control: collection of pressure, temperature, humidity, material level and other parameters, according to the set requirements of automatic adjustment, so that the system is in a stable state, and with the warning function.
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