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Uses of Slag Powder Storage Steel Silo

Slag powder originated in the European countries, its technical development for almost ten years. In recent years, with advances in technology, iron and steel industry and the continuous improvement of the material grinding parts, the production and application of slag powder is also growing. The following is mainly the outstanding advantages of using slag powder steel silos.

Advantages of Slag Powder Steel Silo

Good Overall Performance, Long Working Life

Flyer uses professional equipments to manufacture the steel silos. During the rolling process, the silo wall undercut a 30mm-40mm spiral convex strip, which is 5 times thicker of the material. It helps improve the silo's loading capacity and make the steel silo better than others in overall strength, stability and earthquake resistance. Besides, Flyer uses high anti-corrosive material which makes the silo's working life much longer than others.

Good Sealing Performance, Wide Application

With special equipments for bending and seaming, the quality of all parts of the silo body is guaranteed and the seal of the silo is particularly good. Therefore, if the silo is for storage of grain, the process requirement of disinfection and fumigation can be well met. In addition, in accordance with different nature of the solid material for storage and varied technological requirements, the material for building the silo can be chosen from a variety of materials, allowing the silo to be widely used in industries of grain, food, brewing, sewage purification, as well as in agriculture.

Short Construction Period, Low Cost

The silo can be constructed on site and the roof can be installed on the ground. Short duration can be guaranteed for on-site construction during the whole procedure. Our professional equipments can provide a shaping speed of 3-5m per minute, so a cement silo with a capacity of 1000 tons could be done within 5-7 days. Cost-effectiveness can be achieved for light sheets are used for the whole silo which is as heavy as the rebar of concrete silo. Baitlayer bending method is used to bend and shape two different sheet materials at one time, so that the cost for storing strong corrosive materials in chemical industry can be largely reduced.

The use of silo to storage slag powder can reduce the storage area. Since the store is closed, also avoide water pollution caused by rain. Through effective storage, make the slag from solid waste into industrial raw materials, realized the slag turning waste into treasure.

slag powder steel silo

Slag powder production line workflow

  • Put the raw material from wheel loaders to feed hopper, then by bucket elevator into the plaster ingredients compartment. After metered, the mixture will by belt conveyor to the slag drying system.
  • After drying, slag will through the screw conveyor and bucket elevator into a steel silo. Then fed slag into the mill by belt conveyor after removal of iron.
  • After drying, slag will once again into the grinding mill. The grinding out slag powder, will be screened through the separator, and returned to the mill by the screw conveyor to continue grinding mill.
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