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Cement Storage Silos | Cement Silo for Sale

Cement storage, is always a problem which the cement production plants and cement sales manufactures should consider first. During the off-season, the cement output rate is lower than the busy time, more storage equipment will be used at this time. How can we make the cement storage much better and longer? Let’s find out the answer from the following analysis.
cement storage tank

What’s the Key of the Cement Storage Problem?

The answer is cement silo. In recent years, large cement silo has become a very popular professional equipment of the cement industry. In the case of China advocated energy conservation and emissions reduction, cement silos with a range of advantages have become the trend of the industry.

Easily for Storage Bulk Cement

Large cement silos’ storage result is far better than bag-storage’s. Even though the plastic film inside the bags can isolate moist air, the cement storage period just can be extended to three months. By contrast, cement silo storage area is bigger and its airtight effect is stronger. According to different storage time, we can adjust the storage density of the silo so as to achieve better preservation effect. According to the test of cement storage silo, the performance of it can keep as good as before after more than two years’ storage. What’s more, there are not any agglomerate problems. It shows that cement silo with super sealing should be the best choice for cement storage.

The Geological Requirements of Building Large Cement Silos

The weight of the large cement silo will put full pressure on the ground. Silo needs foundation treatment and the cement in the pile needs balanced stress, except discharge channel and moist insulation layer. With years of studying, Flyer found out the way to build cement storage silo in quicksand areas. The silo is not sinking but floating. This is all because quicksand flow to the center which produce a kind of rising flotage, and the flotage give the cement silo a reversed force, so the cement silo not sinks, but floats.
quick sand and soft land

Overall Cost of Cement Storage Silo for Sale

The main cost of the silo includes the bottom building investment and the silo investment. If the bottom building is built in bad quicksand, the investment will accounts for about 34% of overall cost. In the opposite, built in the soft land, just need 15% of overall cost. The other important costs are steel silo’s cost and the freight. Plus the paint cost and workers’ wages are the overall cost of a cement silo.
Low input and high return, low maintenance cost and long use, Flyer can provide superior cement storage silo and help cement enterprises to increase their efficiencies. In a word, we will make full use of our excellent technology and professional equipment to produce high quality products to meet your different requirements.

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