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Fly Ash Storage System | Steel Fly Ash Storage Silos

Fly Ash Silo Introduction

What is fly ash storage silo? A fly ash silo is a kind of tank that widely used in commercial fields to store industrial powder. Flyer is a professional manufacture which produces high quality steel fly ash silos in China. Flyer can supply complete silo equipments for ash collection such as aeration, venting, level measuring equipments and different kinds of discharging facilities. We can provide complete design from small steel silos up to big storage silos with capacity of 5000 m³ made of stainless steel. We have different types of designs for silo aeration to ensure flow out of the silos in a proper level. The type and capacity of the aeration system can be different depending on the size of the silo and the shape of the silo bottoms, such as traditional conical bottom, flat bottom, inside cone bottom etc. The discharging arrangement can be also different depending on the shape of the silo bottom portion furthermore how many outlets are required. It is certain that, a proper pressure is a main factor that affects the safety of fly ash silo, so the fly ash storage silos also have to be equipped with level switches, level measuring equipment, safety devices (over pressure/under pressure valves) etc.

fly ash storage system

Traditional Manufacture of Fly Ash System

Flyer provides complete design and installation of dry fly ash collection, conveyance and storage systems that will replace the wet collection and slurry systems found at many powder plants. Using industry proven mechanical equipment, Flyer will design the collection system to maximize the use of existing mechanical collection equipment and provide dry conveyance systems to transport the fly ash to newly installed steel storage silos. Because of our hands-on experience in marketing and management of fly ash, we can deliver the right equipment to meet the plant’s needs for a reliable ash collection system. Flyer provides an economical package that includes a flexible mechanical system that accommodates efficiency for fast loading of conditioned fly ash. In addition, this system provides efficient loading for dry fly ash tankers where market needs dictate dry fly ash loading. Flyer’s broad base of experience in handling all types of fly ash and all types of mechanical equipments has taught our engineering team where the capital and operating costs can be saved through the proper selection and design of efficient dry fly ash systems. We know that time is money when it comes to fly ash handling and the system design can dramatically reduce the plant’s capital expenses and operating expenses.

roof of the fly ash storage silo

Steel Silo Discharge Facilities

For many smaller discharging capacities, rotary feeders are widely used. But for the fly ash silos we prefer to offer our fluid discharging system. This fluid discharging system is simply designed that consists of pneumatically operated cut off gate and manual or motorized flow control gate.

transport fly ash to the silos

Main equipments for silo discharging:

  • dry unloading chute equipped with venting system for the proper dust free loading of tank-trucks or rail tankers, usual capacity range from 80 to 150 TPH
  • conditioning unloader for dust free loading of open trucks or belt conveyor
In the inlet chute of the conditioning unloader, it is a weight balanced feeder that arranged to prevent the vapor going counter direction of flow. In some cases, if too much air is forced to the conditioning unloader from the aeration system, the unloader has to be equipped with additional suction. On this condition, an additional suction fan and a wet scrubber are necessarily equipment.
Normal discharging capacity range:
  • for twin shaft type conditioning unloader: 40-300 TPH
  • for rotary drum type conditioning unloader: 40-450 TPH

Large Fly Ash Storage Silo Station

For some big power plants, large fly ash storage silos are necessarily equipment.
installation of fly ash silos
The biggest EWB reference is an ash storage silo complex including 2x5000 m³ fly ash storage silos and a 2x500 m³ bottom ash silo with the engineering and supply of the following technological parts:
  • flat bottom fly ash silo with expansion chamber equipped with aeration panels and venting pipes
  • proper venting system
  • fly ash silo discharge from central distribution box to mixing equipment and dry unloading via flow control device, flow measuring device and air slides
  • bottom ash silo with vibration feeder discharging facility
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