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How to Purchase High-quality Steel Silo

Up to now, the development of steel silo has a history of more than 100 years. Just as its name implies, the steel silo is a kind of solid and liquid material storage silo made of steel plates. It can be subdivided into welding silo, assembly silo, and Lipp silo. Compared with other silos, it has the characteristics of lightweight, low cost, short construction period, good airtightness, and durability. In the coal industry, grain processing industry, wine industry, chemical industry, and other fields, it is an indispensable bulk material storage tool. Based on performance, steel silos have replaced almost any type of silos.
At present, there are various types of steel silos with different sizes, capacities, and materials. How to purchase high-cost performance and high-quality steel silo? This is a concern for all buyers. Next, I will share some tips on this topic.

Application Fields of Steel Silo

Due to the application of high-quality construction materials and advanced technology, steel silos can be used to store both solid and liquid materials. It is widely used in different industries, such as the cement industry, coal industry, fly ash industry, grain industry, wastewater treatment industry, etc.
Cement Industry
In the cement industry, steel silos (cement steel silos) are available in storing cement raw materials, fuels, and cement powder. It is a crucial link in the cement production line.
Coal Industry
The technology of storing coal in steel silos (coal silos) has been widely used in power plants and coal mining enterprises. It has low construction cost, small area occupation, and good sealing performance, which ensures the quality and safety of coal during storage.
Fly Ash Industry
In the fly ash industry, steel silo (fly ash steel silo) has strong adaptability to the fluctuation of fly ash particle size, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and safe storage of fly ash, such as no leakage and no ash emission. In addition, it also meets the requirements of mechanized operation and simple maintenance for comprehensive fly ash treatment.
Grain Industry
Steel silos (grain silos) are suitable for large and medium-sized grain processing enterprises. It can well control the temperature and humidity of grain during the storage and realize the real-time monitoring of storage state and fumigated disinfestations with the help of supporting equipment, which fully conforms to the development trend of the grain industry towards automation and mechanization.
Wastewater Treatment Industry
In the wastewater industry, a steel silo (wastewater storage tank) is a key component of the wastewater treatment system.  It has good corrosion resistance and long service life so that to reduce the cost.

How to Choose Steel Silo?

Tip 1: Silo Manufacturer
When you purchase steel silos, the choice of the manufacturer is very important. You should:
  1. Investigate the reputation of the steel silo manufacturer in the whole industry.
  2. Investigate whether the steel silo manufacturer has production qualifications and R&D patents, followed by whether the construction personnel has technical qualifications.
  3. Know about the enterprise's construction cases, construction scale, and whether there are quality problems.
Tip 2: Steel Silo Type
Steel silos can be classified into welding type, assembly type, and Lipp type. Lipp steel silo is constructed by continuous undercut of hot-dip galvanized coil. It has a uniform color and good airtightness, which is available to store liquid materials such as water and oil. The installation of an assembly steel silo is more convenient, time-saving, not affected by season. It can be disassembled and transported easily. As to welding steel silo, it features a thick silo wall, great intensity, and long service life. This type of silo can be built to a high height and is suitable for a corrosive environment.
Tip 3: Silo Bottom
Steel silo bottom is divided into flat bottom and cone bottom. The flat bottom features low investment and is ideal for large diameter silos. The cone bottom is beneficial to the artesian flow of materials. When selecting, we should base on the characteristics of the stored materials.
Tip 4: Raw Material
Most of the steel silos use ordinary steel plates, such as Q235, because the cost of this kind of steel is low. If the thickness of the silo wall exceeds the processing capacity of the equipment, alloy material can be selected. Since the steel silo generally relies on the zinc coating to maintain the anti-corrosion performance, it has become a decisive factor in the service life of the steel silo.

How to Select the Supporting Equipment

To meet the large-scale and automatic production of various industries, steel silos should be equipped with corresponding advanced storage technology and supporting equipment, such as automatic control systems, inspection devices, monitoring devices, weighing equipment, cleaning equipment, ventilation equipment, etc. How to select the supporting equipment?
Specific Demand
For example, both the en masse conveyor and belt conveyor are a good choice for materials conveying. Which one is better? We should do some analysis according to our specific demand. The en masse conveyor can discharge materials at multiple points and has good sealing performance so it is more suitable to be applied at the top of the steel silo. Belt conveyor reduces the break of materials during the conveying process and can carry out long-distance transportation. Therefore, enterprises with high requirements for material integrity should adopt a belt conveyor.
Equipment Capacity
The selection of supporting equipment should also take into account the equipment capacity. This depends on the capacity of the steel silo. Choosing the equipment with too large capacity will not only cause wasted investment but also increase the operation cost. However, if the capacity is too small, the efficiency will be low.
Equipment Size
Equipment size is also one of the factors that we should consider when choosing the supporting equipment because the equipment size should meet the process design of the steel silo. Besides, the supporting equipment needs normal maintenance in the daily operation, which requires operators to have enough repair space.
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