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What Should We Know About Steel Galvanized Silo

For those trying to choose an appropriate silo, the steel galvanized silo may be a good choice. It applies a protective zinc coating on steel plates to prevent rusting, which means the steel silo has a longer service life and better corrosion resistance. In the market, the common zinc coating includes Z-275, Z-375, Z-450, and Z-600. The number refers to the zinc content per square meter of the steel plate on both sides. Flyer, as a professional steel silo manufacturer, offers Z-600 steel galvanized silos. They all feature high efficiency, long service life, and fully automatic, which are the best choice for material storage.

Features Of Our Steel Galvanized Silo

  • The galvanized steel silo can be divided into spiral galvanized steel silo (also called Lipp silo) and welded galvanized steel silo. Flyer provides quality spiral galvanized steel silos with good airtightness. They all adopt double-layer spiral crimping with sealing strip embedded in the middle, tight bite and sturdy, which is conducive to material storage.
  • Flyer offers galvanized steel silos with diameters between 3-28 meters and a maximum height of 30 meters. The height and diameter can be selected in a wide range.
  • Galvanized steel silos feature a short construction period. All parts can be prefabricated in the factory and then installed directly on site. By using the SM special equipment and other machines, a 1000t steel silo can be completed in 5 days, and a 6000t steel silo only needs 15 days.
  • The galvanized steel silo has a lightweight and small space occupation. Large scale factories usually choose to build silo groups. The minimum distance between two silos is 500mm, which makes full use of space. Besides, when the customer is faced with rent expiration or whole factory relocation, the steel silo does not need to be blown up but can be dismantled and set up on a new site.
  • The spiral steel galvanized silo is made of thin steel plate. So the weight is only equivalent to the steel bar of the reinforced concrete silo with the same capacity. It greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can bend and shape two different materials inside and outside the silo body by the double-layer bending method, the engineering cost for storing corrosive materials is greatly reduced.
  • Flyer galvanized steel silos are equipped with stiffeners to enhance stability and strength. The distance between the two stiffeners does not exceed 1 meter.

Flyer Steel Galvanized Silo Configuration

The steel galvanized silo produced by Flyer has many detailed configurations to ensure convenience in use. At the same time, to meet the automation and mechanization requirement of material storage, we also equip the silo with some advanced systems.
Silo Roof
Painted components: prevent condensing and prolong the service life of silo.
Air vent: assists to realize material cooling and dehumidification.
Ladder and handrail: assist workers in routine inspection and maintenance, meanwhile ensure their safety.
Silo Body
Rest platform: designed for getting inside the silo.
Clamping apparatus: designed for keeping silo from affected by outside temperature.
Silo gate: assists workers to get in the silo for inspection and maintenance.
Silo Bottom
Flyer offers flat bottom and conical bottom for customers to choose from.
Advanced System
Our galvanized steel silos have a complete set of automatic supporting systems, including a loading and unloading system, cleaning system, drying system, material level monitoring system, temperature measurement system, ventilation system, fumigation system, electric control system, metering and packing system, etc. From materials into the silo to out of the silo, each link is equipped with an advanced and reliable working system, which makes the storage, turnover, and management of materials more scientific and reasonable effectively reduces the operation cost of users.

Applications Of Our Steel Galvanized Silo

The steel galvanized silo produced by Flyer has good air tightness and corrosion resistance so it is suitable for storing materials of various forms, such as:
Liquid Material Storage: including water, wastewater, oil, liquor, and other bulk liquids.
Solid Material Storage: including grain, fly ash, coal, cement, slag, chemical, and other bulk solids

What Industries Our Steel Silo Serve

Galvanized steel silos can be regarded as raw material silo, transit silo, long-term reserved silo, etc., applied in various industries, such as the grain industry, chemical industry, wastewater treatment industry, coal industry, and cement industry.
Grain Industry
In this industry, the galvanized steel silo is used as the grain storage silo for keeping wheat, rice, corn, and many other grains.
Chemical Industry
In the chemical industry, steel silos are usually used as a chemical storage tank to store carbon black, activated carbon, calcined coke, urea, alumina, etc.
Wastewater Treatment Industry
Wastewater storage tanks are usually applied to store sewage. It is a key component of the wastewater treatment system. 
Cement Industry
In the cement industry, the galvanized steel silo is called cement silo. It can not only be adopted as a cement raw material storage silo but also used as a cement powder storage silo.
Flyer is a full-service galvanized steel silo manufacturer. We provide steel silo EPC project and silo customization service. We back all our products and services with a standard 12-month warranty. We also offer no-obligation quotes and estimates. If you are interested in our silos, please feel free to contact us.

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