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Steel Silo Market & Economic Analysis of Indonesia

Economic Situation of Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest economy of ASEAN. Agriculture, industry and service industry all play important roles in the national economy. Facing with the international financial crisis, the Indonesian government has dealt with it properly, so the economy is still keeping rapid growth since 2008. In recent years, Indonesian manufacturing industry is growing faster than the economy.

Local Resources

Indonesia is rich in oil, natural gas and coal, tin, bauxite, nickel, copper, gold, silver and other mineral resources. Mining industry occupies an important role in economy, the output value accounts for around 10% of GDP. According to official statistics, there are 9.7 billion barrels of oil reserves (1.31 billion tons), gas reserves from 4.8 trillion to 5.1 trillion cubic meters, 19.3 billion tons of proven coal reserves and over 90 billion tons of potential reserves. In2012, the daily output of crude oil can reach 867000 barrels.


The industrial development direction is to strengthen the export-oriented manufacturing industry in Indonesia. The main departments are mining, textile, light industry, etc. Tin, coal, nickel, gold, silver and other mineral output stands forefront in the world. With annual output of 386 million tons of coal, 1.116 million sets of car sales, motorcycle sales of 7.14 million units; Textile exports to $12.5 billion in 2012.


Indonesia's total arable land area is about 80 million hectares. In 2012, the rice output is 69.05 million tons, of which maize yield is 19.38 million tons and soybean production is 851.6 thousand tons. Indonesian mainland is also rich in commercial crops. The output of palm oil, rubber, coffee and cocoa are respectively about 25.2 million tons, 3.04 million tons, 25.2 million tons, 904000 tons.


Indonesia fisheries resources are rich, overfishing of 8 million tons a year.


The important means of transport in Indonesia are highway and waterway, of which highway shoulders take up nearly 90% of passenger and 50% of freight. In Indonesia, rail infrastructure is relatively backward, and railways are only between Java and Sumatra island. However, the airlift develops rapidly in the recent 10 years.


highway and waterway in Indonesia

Foreign Trade

Foreign trade in Indonesia occupies important position in national economy, the government adopted a series of measures to encourage and facilitate the export of oil and gas products such as simplify the export formalities, lower tariffs. Indonesia's main export products are oil, natural gas, textiles and clothing, wood, rattan products, handicrafts, shoes, copper, coal, pulp and paper products, electrical appliances, palm oil, rubber, etc. Main imported products are machinery and transportation equipment, chemical products, automobile and spare parts, power generation equipment, steel, plastic and plastic products, cotton, etc. In 2012, Indonesia's main trading partners are China, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

Foreign Capital

Foreign capital in Indonesia plays an important role in promoting economic development. The Indonesian government attaches great importance to improve the investment environment, attract foreign capital. The main investors are Singapore, Japan, the United States, Britain, South Korea.

Foreign Aid

Indonesia's foreign aid is mainly composed of "aid Indonesia consultative group", the international monetary fund (IMF), the world bank and Japan, the United States.

Indonesia Steel Silo Market

Overall, there is few steel silo manufacturing enterprises in Indonesia. Most of the existing steel silos are imported. Storage silos in Indonesia are mainly used in cement building material industry, and the technology is still relatively backward. Adopting advanced technology, steel silo produced in Indonesia can be used for storing food, oil, chemicals and building materials.

steel silo for sale

Under the push of relevant government positive policy, Indonesia's economic develops fast, which ranks in front of the development countries. Because of its abundant mineral, agricultural resources, the corresponding related industrial enterprises get rapid development. Combined with local backward storage technology, steel silo instead of concrete silo is an inevitable trend. They estimate that Indonesian market is in great need of steel silos. Such as oil, coal, grain, oil, rubber, coffee and other related industries, these all need steel silo for reserves, five kinds of main products of Flyer can exactly meet these requirements.


Flyer steel silos rely on abundant technical strength, excellent performance, unique construction method, special equipment for construction, mechanical work, the silos owns good quality and pretty valuation. The material we use is high strength hot rolled two-sided galvanized coil plate, with the most advanced spiral bending technology. Our product possesses beautiful appearance, stable structure, resistance to corrosion, high air tightness and can be used widely. In addition, the Flyer steel silo owns the top features of short construction period, low cost, long service life. Steel silo’s height, diameter can be chosen in a larger scope. Capsule 3-28 m in diameter, height can reach 35 m. Minimum distance between two positions is 500 mm, which can make full use of space and reduce floor area. The steel silo we build has high degree of automation, user can manage it conveniently. With high quality pre-market and after-sales service, Flyer can sweep away all the trouble back at home for you. Flyer steel silo will be your best choice.

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